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5 things you should know before getting a chihuahua


The chihuahua, the sought after dog with the sticky out eyes and the little apple head. You can’t help but ‘awww’ them when they pass you in the street, hoping one day you could have your own.

This is when you should know exactly what you are letting yourself in for, committing to a chihuahua brings humiliation, anxiety and the loss of your boyfriend. Ok, ok, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but I would advise you to read my 5 things you should know before getting a chihuahua & be very well prepared for the following….

  1. Their stomachs are about the size of your thumb. This, however, does not stop your little mite from eating EVERYTHING in sight. You need eyes coming out the back of your head to be sure they aren’t chewing and swallowing everything they can get their paws on – hello anxiety and paranoid parent disorder.
  2. If you have any other dogs, either in the home or in your neighbourhood, be prepared for total chihuahua domination. Chihuahuas may be small, but they are very feisty and sassy, they will even show the biggest of dogs who is boss. This can become problematic when you are out on your morning walkies and your chihuahua decides to bark at the biggest dog in the park, at this point it isn’t scaring anybody, but itself. This leaves the owner of the significantly larger dog hysterical, blurting out comments such as ‘aww isn’t it small’ + ‘awww it has a big bark for such a small dog’. Whilst you humiliatingly walk off in a different direction, dragging your dog whilst it continues to makes unnecessary noise.
  3. You will have to share your boyfriend..literally. Kiss goodbye to your fancy man, he no longer belongs to you and god forbid you try and move the chihuahua, unless you want nibbled ears and scratches to the eyeball. Your morning cuddle session with your boyfriend is disrupted by a very needy, attention seeking chihuahua.
  4. As well as giving up your partner, say goodbye to your jewellery collection. Ok, so maybe this isn’t entirely the pups fault. But come on, chihuahuas really do pull off the 90’s look, better than you could yourself.
  5. And finally, number 5. This one, if any should be the biggest sign posted warning. Your chihuahua turns into your baby, you live in constant worry of losing your precious gem and the thought of anything happening to them turns your stomach into knots. You end up loving this little creature, more than you love yourself and your heart melts at the sound of their little paws running up to you on the wooden flooring after a long days work.

Meet Lily 

11076044_10206394044518740_1811520405_n-1 10904796_10205586127361316_602971576_n

Can anyone relate?

7 thoughts on “5 things you should know before getting a chihuahua

  1. Haha this article is awesome! #2 definitely hit the nail on the head, dragging or scooping up our little superstars in a feeble effort to hinder their barking endeavors… whilst shaking your our heads and apologizing lol… isn’t that the truth lol



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