TGIF Skin Rescue: Night In With Clinique, Body Shop + Avon

It’s 5pm on a Friday afternoon, the working week has come to an end and its time to make my way home. I’ve noticed today my skin is having an absolute nightmare! Who knew you could have dry and greasy skin at the same time? Well that’s me today, along with a jaw line full of blemishes. I don’t know if its due to the change of climate, or just stress, but my skin needs some TLC and that’s my plan for this evening – mission skin rescue.

Products used –



CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL 

AVON Clearskin Blemish Clearing Peel Off Mask

FullSizeRender (4)

I love the seaweed range at Body Shop, perfect for oily skin, zero grease, but doesn’t leave my face desperate for hydration. After using both the cleanser and toner my skin feels clean and refreshed. Tonight I’ve decided, with the patch of blemishes on my jaw line and chin (stupid PCOS, causes the most unsightly spots), I am going to try the Avon Blemish Clearing peel off mask. I’m a super fan of Avon, they do an extensive skin range at seriously cheap prices. The mask is slightly sticky, but it leaves my skin feeling nice and cleansed – nothing spectacular, but a slight improvement on my chin area pretty much straight away. You’re instructed to keep the mask on over night, but I decided not to, I don’t feel its necessary as the mask hardens up within 30 minutes and is ready to be peeled off within an hour or two.

Next stop, moisture. Clinique dramatically different moisturiser, this stuff is like liquid gold. Before I invested in a bottle, I had used a range of different moisturisers, none came close to this. It provides lightweight hydration and unlike some moisturisers, it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy or sticky. I always apply a generous amount, especially around the forehead, this is the section of my face I suffer with dryness and it works a treat. (If you take anything from this post, go out and try this product, get a small tester bottle as its not the cheapest of moisturisers on the market, but very much worth it.)

And that is I’m done….I shall hope to wake up in the morning with a fresh head and a refresher complexion. We sometimes forget how important our daily skin regime is, I have been super busy this week and have neglected it therefore I’m suffering now with a sour case of karma.

If anyone has any products they would suggest I try out for both my blemishes and my dryness around the forehead, please feel free to leave a comment – all welcome.

G’night! xo

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