Kylie Jenner Eyelashes – Suggestions?

Hi Ladies,

So I am jetting away at the end of the month and at the moment, I’m enjoying that part of the holiday preparation that involves lots of shopping! I want to buy some strip eyelashes, maybe 1-3 pairs, but I fancy a change. I usually go for Eylure volume 107’s since I find Eylure eyelashes stay on the whole duration of the night, without lifting – but I fancy a change in style.

I’m obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lashes + would love to find a pair with the similar look/style. Does anybody have any suggestions, recommendations? Please keep in mind I live in the UK, so they must deliver to this country.


Any suggestions would be super useful, thanks in advance! xo

7 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Eyelashes – Suggestions?

  1. I’m also in the UK but I buy a lot of my eyelashes from an USA website called SHOPMISSA (everything is 1 dollar-64p) and they have a wide range of eyelashes and they made of 100% human hair so they extremely comfortable (I don’t know if that grosses you out) lol
    I’ve put the link if you are interested.
    Please do check out & Follow my blog :


      1. I have bought so many and loved them all so I couldn’t say but I’m assuming the eyelashes marked top seller or back in stock are probably the most loved x


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