Review of Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit + DipBrow Pomade

I finally got myself an Anastasia Beverly Hills contour set, after the numerous YouTube videos and Instagram photos filling my phone with inspiration, I decided it was time to try it for myself. This post will not be a how to because in all honesty I’m new to contour myself, I’m not a professional makeup artist and I have seen 100+ of those posts already. This is merely a review – from a beginners point of view of the two products.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit 

So I will start with the contour kit, first impression, I love the set. With numerous contour tools out there, I love how you have everything you need in the one compact kit – this is super useful for beginners like myself. The powders are very pigmented and you really don’t need to use much to get your desired result. The major advantage of this contour set is the time it takes, I imagine with some of the cream sets on the market, the process could take a significant amount of time to blend, this powder set can literally take as little as 15 minutes using a damp beauty blender. I would give the product a 7/10, if you are a beginner or would like a contour set which doesn’t take as much time as some of the other products available, I would give it a go. It is definitely something that I could use in my daily routine, plus, the darker shades in the set are perfect to bronze your cheeks after the contour – nice job Anastasia Beverly Hills, you have officially got me.

DipBrow Pomade

I’m crazy about big eyebrows and I’m pretty sure Cara Delevingne has something to do with the brow craze of recent times. I get my eyebrows done every 4-6 weeks HD, so they always look pretty neat if I do say so myself…. (my brows could actually be my favourite feature?!)

This brings me to the DipBrow. I am naturally very dark and so my eyebrows match (its bizarre really how my lighter hair doesn’t look odd with my eyebrows.)The DipBrow shade Ebony is perfect to match my natural brow colour, which was a total guess as I had to order the product online. The DipBrow is excellent, its smooth, has a waxy texture and glides on with ease. I use my Eco Tools angled eyeliner brush to apply it, which is perfect for eyebrows as the angle allows you to shape them how you like. 8/10!

Both products last a full working day, I am however sat in front of the computer the majority of my day and so don’t do anything too strenuous but up to now i’ve had no smudges and have been relatively happy at 5pm when my eyebrows and contour are still in tact.

The SunniesLook Book (1)


i love this browdip!

Has anyone got any other contour sets or products worth trying? Like I said, I’m new to contour and have only been testing it out for the past couple of months – I’m always looking for amazing products to give a whirl.
Let me know in the comments…xo

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