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‘Why blog about makeup, isn’t that vain?’ They say

So, its Saturday afternoon 2:50pm and I’m still lay in bed. This is a rarity for me, I have two dogs – one which is very needy, lots of assignment + work deadlines, as well as a holiday to prepare for (+ super excited about). Any other Saturday, I’m up and about getting on with the many tasks I have to fit into my short weekend. But today, I feel like bed and blogging is what I want to do.

As you may be aware, my blog is pretty new, in fact its a 2 week young baby and I’m already enjoying sharing my thoughts, tips and reviews with the people who take the time to read them. When I started this blog, I wanted my own little place/page to write. Studying journalism for 3 years, as well as a digital marketing diploma + currently working in PR, I’m very much familiar with influential and inspiring writers and bloggers. I decided I wanted my own space to write my own thoughts, I missed writing on a daily basis and also hope to inspire the people who accidentally stumble upon my blog on their wordpress reader, in some way.

However, with starting a blog comes critics + I’ve already started to hear their opinions. ‘Why you blogging about makeup, isn’t that a little vain?’, ‘You could write about much more important things, you know.’ WHAT? This blog is not me pretending in any way to be a beauty guru nor a fashion guru. I know quite a few of these ladies and I applaud them. I have no authority or experience in this field and I will leave that to the professionals. This, however, will not stop me from exploring the world of beauty, makeup and style. I believe as a woman, these things ARE important and the word vain is totally incorrect and unfitting.

My main aim of this blog is to document my journey (a clue here is in my tagline – a 20 somethings journey.) Makeup, beauty and style are all significant parts of this journey. As a woman, I love to explore and delve into the world of makeup and play with the many things that help us feel beautiful. I’m not saying wearing makeup makes us beautiful and those without are in any way inferior, but if one likes to wear and appreciate makeup, then why the heck not? It’s not about changing ourselves to look a certain way, it’s about confidence and power. As women we are all different and this is something we should always embrace. I sometimes feel suffocated in a world that criticises appearance and tells us how we should look, how we should act and that the true meaning of beauty is pinpointed to only one body shape, one face shape, one style.

“You don’t have to be pretty like her, you can be pretty like you.”

So for the people who think blogging about beauty and makeup is vain – screw you! It’s fun, creative and a beautiful way, beautiful ladies can feel great about themselves, whilst expressing some individuality and creativity. To the many beauty bloggers out there, I salute you, keep doing what you are doing and thank you for inspiring me. To the ones that are just trying to document their journey in this crazy thing called life, carry on! Don’t let small-minded people categorise you… we are not for categorising and are free to say, write and do what makes us happy!

+ On that note, I must get up…. the attention seeking dog (AKA Lily) would like me to put the mac down so she can be fussed over – diva. So, have a great Saturday night, I know I will (date night at Gusto eeek) and sorry if I rambled on – a tad.

Happy Weekend! Xo

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