A trip to Topshop – Holiday shopping for shorts & crop tops

I’m jetting off on Sunday night to Turkey for a week in the sun with an old school friend and I’m super excited. Just relaxing on the beach listening to the sea with a mojito in my hand, is all I want and need – bliss. With a holiday comes shopping, the exciting part of the preparation! Arranging your night-time outfits, shoes and accessories (because who takes clothes for the beach?)

Crotchet Shorts

Topshop is one of my favourite shops, especially around summer time. They always have the best crops and shorts and I tend to go mad in there. I spotted some beautiful crotchet shorts in cream, so I had to get them…. in black too. I think it’s always good to get a couple of pairs of shorts that you can wear more than once. With these shorts I can mix and match with different coloured tops – saving room in my suitcase.  I’m really lazy when I go on beach holidays, I tend to live in bikinis and thin playsuits throughout the day – so I don’t tend to buy much day wear – just bikinis, flip-flops and coverups for mooching around.

Topshop Scallop Crotchet Shorts

 Here Comes The Crop Tops

I love the high waisted short/crop combo. Its a mixture of comfort and style and also helps to hide the bits I don’t like (the bottom of my stomach). I opted for white, black and green crop tops and i reckon they will go perfectly with my shorts.

BeFunky Collagse
Topshop Crops

I also got this fringe trim crochet set which I love and think is perfect for a holiday in the sun.

Fringe Trim Crochet Beach Set
Fringe Trim Crochet Beach Set

Now comes the not so exciting part, packing and making sure I have everything and haven’t missed anything! Wish me luck…#helloanxiety

Happy Friday!


One thought on “A trip to Topshop – Holiday shopping for shorts & crop tops

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    Cheers, TGL💕

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