Life Love Life – Age really is just a number 

When my 24th birthday came around I felt sad that my youth was coming to an end. I’m 1 off 25 and 25 sounds a daunting age. I should have my shit together, right?

As a women who is trying to get her life together, I feel consistent pressure to invest my time in the right things and the future, time is a daunting metric. As a 24 year old, I am expected to start thinking about starting a family, stop acting a certain way – including the way I present myself, short shorts? Well they are definitely off the summer wardrobe list, or maybe not.


I’ve just got back from holiday with a friend and have come to a huge realisation. Both my friend and I have responsibility, boyfriends an she has two beautiful children. However, although we acted responsible we enjoyed ourselves to the point that made me realise age really is just a number. If I want to drink a cocktail of drinks, dance till early hours, wear bright lipstick and short shorts I will. Just because I’m past 21 doesn’t mean my brain feels any different . Yes I feel more responsible for my actions, I have an adult job, a serious boyfriend, and even my own dog… But this shouldn’t restrict me or make me feel like I must adhere to certain rules and stereotypes.

The amount of times I’ve heard girls my age tell me they can’t wear something because it’s too short, they are too old, ‘I’m not at university anymore’ even though they love the style. I find it really sad. Women shouldn’t have to feel their time is running out – they must start a family, find the perfect job, act sensible 100 percent of the time. Life is about living in the moment, experiences and enjoyment. At times we are guilty of taking it all too seriously and forgetting to live!

Sometimes it takes a girly holiday to find your old self again. Yes, your future and career are very important aspects of your life and livelihood. But who says this should take the joy out of your life? Don’t be afraid of your age or expectations, live your youth, you won’t get another one!

On that note – happy Friday….. xo

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