Phillips Sonicare Airfloss Pro Review

Last year I went through the agonising process of straightening my teeth using the Invisalign. Since spending so much money getting my teeth straight and going through the pain of my teeth moving into place, I’ve become totally obsessed with oral hygiene. I now have 3 month hygienist appointments alongside my dentist appointments and I’m always on the look out for the next best thing in oral care.

Welcome the Phillips Sonicare AirFloss Pro. I came across this beauty on, they had an offer meaning the product was selling for half price – a mere £40! I’m guilty of being inconsistent when it comes to flossing, I find it messy, time-consuming and I always end up hurting myself someway or another. My hygienist has emphasised the importance of flossing and since, I’ve tried my utmost to floss my teeth at least once a day – I say tried.

IMG_0859The Airfloss Pro is perfect for anyone, like myself, that hates flossing. The whole airfloss process takes as little as 5 minutes and my teeth feel like they have been professionally polished each time I use it. Here you will find my pros and cons of using this product as a flossing alternative.

  • Costly mouthwash – you will need a lot of mouthwash! The tank needs filling each time you use the device and mouthwash isn’t cheap.
  • Costly product if its not on offer (luckily for me I had the half price discount.)
  • Can be messy if you don’t do it correctly. I would advise using this device before applying your makeup; I didn’t and ended up with mouthwash all over my face. Practise makes perfect I guess.
  • Your whole mouth feels professionally cleaned and polished after only one use.
  • There is no need to continue to use floss anymore – YAY!
  • The process takes little time and can be used morning and night without adding a significant amount of time to your daily routine.
  • You can use water if you run out of mouthwash, the power of the spray will still help remove plaque with just water.
  • Long battery life; when you first buy the device it tells you to charge it for 24 hours. Once this is done, it will last 2 weeks before having to charge it again.
  • Helps bleeding gums – 99% of people have said that their gum health improved dramatically.
  • 5 years warranty in case of technical fault.

So there you have it, as you can see from a personally perspective the Airfloss Pro is a real winner, for sure the pros definitely out weigh the cons. Although I did purchase mine at a reduced cost, I would recommend looking into this product if you find flossing a pain in the ass but want to keep your gums healthy.

“Healthier gums in 2 weeks, guaranteed” 

If you are going to get your own, do some research and hopefully you can find a bargain too!  Xo

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