TGIF: I love a little Lush in my life

Oh Friday, how I’m glad to see you. I feel like I have been ready for this weekend since Wednesday. I’m celebrating with a glass of Shiraz + a Lush bath bomb soak. I hope everyone has some exciting plans for the weekend or none at all. Sometimes the I have nothing to do but binge on Netflix and pizza plan feels a huge relief after a long week at work.

The SunniesLook Book (2)

I’ve opted for the large pink bath bomb for my bath this evening (I call it the large pink one as I don’t know the name of this bomb as it was a gift from Christmas.) To my surprise, it has a rather divine green middle, giving me a bright green bath! I love Lush cosmetics and the fact that they are not only animal-friendly, but they fight animal testing; being a lifetime goal and the core value of the company. It makes my lush green bath that oh so sweeter.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! xo

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