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Valentines’s Day at Gusto Didsbury

Gusto is without a doubt one of my favourite restaurants to dine at. I have tried both the Manchester city centre and Didsbury venues, with Didsbury winning my vote. Being a smaller more intimate venue, the service is always a step up from the Manchester restaurant.

So of course when it came to picking a location to indulge in this Valentines day, Gusto won our hearts again. Although Valentine’s day is notoriously known for over-indulging on chocolate and practically anything one’s heart desires, we didn’t want to go overboard like we usually do, so we decided to opt for a dessert rather than a starter and opted for a fish dish rather than a pasta or gnocchi overload (these are usually my go to foods when at Gusto, they do a tasty garlic bread too.)

I don’t eat a lot of fish and my diet is 80% vegetarian, however, occasionally I will eat tuna at restaurants (so what is it they call me, a pescetarian?) As I had already eyed up the chocolate fondue for dessert I thought tuna would be a great shout tonight. I chose the seared tuna steak with apple and celeriac remoulade, with a side of french beans and shallots, baked rosemary and garlic potatoes and some naughty fries that I tried to avoid.

Served with two large glasses of Don David Malbec, superb ❤


More Malbec and a chocolate fondue for two came afterwards, including warm donuts, chocolate brownies, strawberries and cherries,  followed by double espressos.

IMG_0396 (1)

From the charming waiters to the perfectly cooked tuna, we had a lovely night at Gusto and I still recommend everyone to try it, at least once.

The rest of my Valentines weekend involved gifts, Hotel Chocolat salted caramel puddles and love heart eggs for breakfast.

I got some really cool stuff from Paper Chase in Manchester, including a love-heart egg shaper I used in the morning to cook Bob breakfast in bed and a cute gift bag and card. I love Paper Chase, I don’t think anywhere else in Manchester sells such pretty cards and occasional gifts.

IMG_0390 (1).JPG

I was over the moon with my gifts, particularly my Adidas Superstar trainers that I had no idea about that are going to be my perfect summer trainer, a cute teddy and some more chocolate!


I had a truly incredible weekend starting with Gusto and ending with a lazy Sunday. I have reviewed Gusto previously and I still couldn’t speak more highly of my experience at the Didsbury restaurant – already thinking about my next visit.

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