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Valentines’s Day at Gusto Didsbury

Gusto is without a doubt one of my favourite restaurants to dine at. I have tried both the Manchester city centre and Didsbury venues, with Didsbury winning my vote. Being a smaller more intimate venue, the service is always a step up from the Manchester restaurant. So of course when it came to picking a… Continue reading Valentines’s Day at Gusto Didsbury

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Cruelty Free Make-Up Brands

When it comes to cosmetics, there are many cruelty-free brands to choose from. Making conscious decisions about the make-up products you purchase does not mean you have to go without quality, high-end products: NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hill and Illamasqua all make the list. Since I became a vegetarian, I’ve tried my best to make better… Continue reading Cruelty Free Make-Up Brands

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8 Ways you can include coconut oil in your beauty routine

It has been suggested that coconut oil is somewhat of a super food, with studies claiming the consumption can improve cholesterol and help lower the risk of heart disease. However, did you know that coconut oil can also be used to help us stay beautiful? Here are 8 alternative uses for coconut oil that we… Continue reading 8 Ways you can include coconut oil in your beauty routine


Phillips Sonicare Airfloss Pro Review

Last year I went through the agonising process of straightening my teeth using the Invisalign. Since spending so much money getting my teeth straight and going through the pain of my teeth moving into place, I’ve become totally obsessed with oral hygiene. I now have 3 month hygienist appointments alongside my dentist appointments and I’m always… Continue reading Phillips Sonicare Airfloss Pro Review